Tudor Re-Creations at Kentwell Hall

Kentwell Hall - Celebrating 40 Years of Tudor Celebrations

Kentwell’s Re-Creations of everyday Tudor Life celebrate their 40th year this year.

Patrick Phillips of Kentwell says “who would have thought way back in the late 1970s that we’d still being doing our Historical Re-Creations?

When we started domestic Living History it was then unheard of. We were trailblazers and had an immediate response from schools. Some criticised us for Disney-ing an Historic House. Yet after a number of years other venues followed suit. Now there is scarcely an attraction in the country that does not occasionally have a few costumed people as guides or re-enactors - “now its all quite commonplace”.

From small beginnings Kentwell’s Re-Creations became one of Suffolk’s iconic houses with visitors coming from all over the world to visit it, including Foreign schools too, and from as far as Japan even.

Since it started as primarily an event for schools the Kentwell Tudor Re-Creations have attracted well over half a million schoolchildren. There’s scarcely a child who went to Primary or Middle School in the region during the 1980s and 1990s that did not have a school trip or visit to a Re-Creation as a child. At the same time the Re-Creations have always been open at weekends for the general public and tens of thousand have visited then.

“We’d love all those who once visited whether during a School visit or with their family to return to see Kentwell now and bring with them pictures of themselves and other mementoes of their visit,” says Patrick.

The first Tudor Re-Creation this year is over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend Friday 30 March - Monday 2 April, but are regularly held throughout the year.

Kentwell Hall